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The Wi-Fi Ultrasonic Heating Oil Gauge

The Dollarwise Smart Oil Gauge allows you to check your heating oil level from your phone. When your tank is low, you will receive an alert letting you know. You can even ask Alexa when you will need to order oil next. Track your consumption to see how much oil you save by lowering the thermostat a degree or two.

Receive Text and Email Alerts When Your Tank Is Low

Want to know when you are at a half tank, third, or quarter of a tank? With the DollarWise Smart Oil Gauge, YOU decide what your re-order alert tank level is, and then the tank gauge app does the rest—you can receive alerts on your phone, by text or email—whichever you prefer.

Track Your Usage to Save Money on Heating Oil

The DollarWise Smart Oil Gauge automatically tracks your short-term and longer-term heating oil usage, so that you can maximize energy efficiency and to better manage your heating oil consumption and costs.

Just Ask Amazon Alexa

Sitting at home, in your living room? You can ask Alexa how much oil you have left, and with the DollarWise Smart Oil Gauge usage tracking, you can even ask Alexa when you’ll need to re-order!

"Alexa, ask Smart Oil Gauge how much heating oil we have left."

"Alexa, when will we need to order oil next?"


Communications:   Wi-Fi 
Fitting:   2" National Pipe Thread (NPT) 
Batteries:   2 AA Lithium Metal batteries 
Tank Sizes:   275 or 330 gallon, vertical or horizontal, single or side-by-side tanks 
Outdoor Use:   To prevent moisture ingress, the white cap MUST be sealed with pipe dope or other means. The seal must be reapplied whenever batteries are changed or cap is removed. Failure to so voids warranty. 
Consumption Readings:   Expect consumption readings to vary due to temperature fluctuations. 
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